Grain – Convenient and Economical Source for Biomass Briquettes

Grain and wheat stalk is the best raw material for briquette making. It is a right choice for those looking for biomass fuel for boilers. There is a wide range of grains that can be easily converted into briquettes like oats, wheat, barley and millet.

These have low moisture level and the briquette maker can easily convert grains into briquettes by simply putting in the briquette press machine. All of the grains have low nitrogen content but different calorific values. Grains help you get denser briquettes, which burn for a longer period of time. Further, these need very limited space to store both for storage purpose and for burning purpose.
The only thing you need to remember while using grain as a raw material for briquetting is to maintain a required moisture level. It should never be above 13%, as high moisture level can make binding difficult and can further emit high smoke on burning. You can consult with the briquetting plant suppliers about the required moisture level in different machines.

High moisture level also makes burning difficult and makes briquette work for short period of time. If you maintain the right moisture level, you can get top-quality biomass briquettes due to low fusion point of grain ash. Low fusion point enable grain waste bind firmly and get proper shapes.

In areas with huge amount of grain waste, briquetting is the best technique to effectively utilize the waste. Briquette press machine manufacturers provide different machines with varied capacities and production processes. You can opt for a right machine to start utilizing grain adequately and get a cheaper fuel source. You can also start business of briquetting to get an additional income source.

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