Growing Trend of Charcoal Briquettes

Made from the cotton stalk, wooden waste, sawdust, wheat straws, rice husk and other agro waste, biomass charcoal briquettes have gained immense popularity. Even these machines made charcoal briquettes have replaced natural charcoal, which create high pollution. These machine-made charcoal briquettes are made without any additives and don’t emit any harmful gas.

The briquetting machines put high pressure on the raw material to compose it as logs and then these briquettes are carbonized for chemical decomposition. This clean and renewable fuel produced by briquetting press machine is used in different industries including chemical, brick kiln, activated carbon, medicine and explosive power, among others. Besides industries, the charcoal briquettes can also be used in parties for barbecue.

What is the scope of this charcoal?

This is one of the major questions that come to any person’s mind, who plans to get into the business by setting up a briquetting plant. They need to analyze the market trend for the same before starting actual production. If we look at the overall demand of wood charcoal in different industries, it is showing only upward trend, but the supply is very limited. In this situation only machine-made charcoal can meet the demand. It makes clear that this eco-friendly charcoal has huge potential and scope.

Though machine-made charcoal had been in the market for over decades, these were ignored due to the absence of serious environment protection laws. In some countries, where environment protection is a major responsibility of every citizen, they prefer to use charcoal briquettes to protect themselves from any kind of legal penalty.

Further, these put a check on tree cutting, for the briquettes are made from the waste material. Fallen trees, leaves, and other forestry waste are processed in the briquetting plants to convert into biomass briquettes. In areas where there is an abundant supply of raw material and power, briquetting plants can be set up easily to get profits.

After taking all the factors into consideration, one can get into the business of charcoal briquetting. The growing awareness towards environment protection and limited availability of fossil fuel ensures high growth of machine-made charcoal briquetting business.

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