20 Quick Tips to Protect Environment

With different crises like draughts, storms and earthquakes in different parts of the world, global warming has become a dangerous fact. If the situation is not controlled now, it can also be a reason of food and water shortage in coming times.

There are some simple tips with the help of which individuals can contribute in environment protection. Find 20 quick tips to start with the campaign today:

Clean Air:

1. Paint your home with latex paint and protect the environment from harmful effects of hydrocarbon fumes released by oil paint.

2. Instead of fossil fuels, use briquettes made from high-quality briquetting machines and reduce carbon footprints in the environment.

3. Save energy and bring down your utility bills along with reducing high demand burden on energy plants.

4. Don’t dispose of waste ineffectively. Burning of waste creates many harmful gases like soot, spores and other contaminants in the air. This also creates many diseases and allergies.

5. Plant more trees to reduce carbon effects in the air, as they absorb carbon dioxide.

6. Minimize use of firewood.

7. Use public transport instead of personal cars and bikes to reduce vehicle smog.
Clean Land:

8. Give more preference to waste recycling. One of the techniques for agro waste recycling is briquetting. Briquetting manufacturer convert the waste into energy source.

9. Don’t burn agriculture waste or forestry waste. Instead, recycle it to get a renewable energy source.

10. Reduce waste creation by buying only required quantities of chemicals, paints and other adverse materials.

11. Say bye to plastic bags and replace these with canvas bags. It is better to carry the bag while going for shopping and re-use the same every time you go for shopping.

12. Reduce paper consumption by printing on both the sides of the paper.

13. Use right waste disposal technique for hazardous materials like chemicals, pesticides, batteries etc.

14. Instead of throwing used household items and clothes, give these to charitable organizations or other needy people.

Clean Water:

15. Bring down use of fertilizers to protect streams, which get polluted during rains.

16. Don’t throw chemical and other wastes in the water sources.

17. In India most of the people throw their worship leftover in the rivers, which is not good at all.

18. Mulch around landscaping to hold moisture and prevent evaporation.

19. Turn off the faucet while shaving or brushing your teeth to save water.

20. Cut water usage up to 6 percent by installing faucet aerators.

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